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Naruto, Vol. 3: Bridge of Courage  by  Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto, Vol. 3: Bridge of Courage by Masashi Kishimoto
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Naruto is my first foray into Manga, and I undoubtedly enjoyed it. Fun characters, frenetic action, an engaging mythology…it’s good stuff.Yet, all I can think is: I should have read this 15 years ago.Why didn’t it resonate with me more?I think it has to do with timing.

There are certain stories and writers that I’ve come upon at just the right time in my life—The Dark Phoenix Saga when I was 10, R.A. Salvatore and Drizzt Do’Urden when I was 15, Jane Austen when I was in college, David Foster Wallace when I was in my late 20s—to connect with on a level that went far beyond my feelings for any particular tale. It wasn’t so much my age, I think, as it was the stage or place I was in life that made it the right time for those particular stories to work themselves inside of me and become a part of me.Undoubtedly, I’ve read other books at the wrong time and missed out on what might have been a magical experience at another time.

That’s how I feel about Naruto.I think I would have felt this on a much deeper level had I read it when I, too, was on a quest—a quest to figure out who I was and what I want and how to get there. That’s not to say that I’m not still on that quest, of course—every day that quest begins anew, and every day I try to take one step closer to achieving goals I’m still far from attaining.

But, I generally know which way the compass is pointing, and I’ve passed milestones that seemed far away when I was, say, in my early 20s.Had I encountered Naruto then, I think I’d have become an addict. As it stands, I appreciate it as an entertaining yarn and something I may go back to someday, but not something I feel a consuming need to continue with.But, hey—that doesn’t mean it won’t hit home again at some other time in life, eh?(Did I just write a serious and pensive review about the exploits of a boy ninja who enjoys making clones of himself that look like scantily clad centerfold models?

Yup. Weren’t expecting that, were you?AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I DID IT.So there.)

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