Leieboeren Roland Topor


Published: 2011


213 pages


Leieboeren  by  Roland Topor

Leieboeren by Roland Topor
2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 213 pages | ISBN: | 7.12 Mb

Lets kick off with tenants here, in the plural. Not just any tenants, but those unfortunates in early twentieth century Europe. I’ve seen them three times in a row now: in Nadas’ ‘Book of Memories’, in Agayev’s ‘Romance with Cocaine’, and third time lucky: here again.Imagine the horror: you go home, and as we all know a man’s home is his castle, his domain, his kingdom. A place to decompress and just.....be. But here: or rather back there: oh no,no,no.

You drop and smash a plate on the floor: Bang! From the left, right, ceiling and (with a broomstick from below) the floor: its the other tenants, because you’re too damn noisy. Invite a friend, or a partner over: thats it, you’re finished. The landlord bangs on the door: what kind of an establishment do you think this is?A party? Are you INSANE? Off with your head.Pets?

Children? See above.Here is what you can do in your hard earned abode of respite: respirate. Nothing else. Movements must be controlled: as Msr Zy tells us: put your slippers on when walking about, so as not to disturb the tenants.Get the picture?Woud you go crazy? Do you blame Tarkovsky for going crazy?Which he does. In a spectacular, no holds barred, fireworks at dusk, aim for the jugular fashion.In trying to be a good citizen and not disturb the neighbours, he manages first to erase himself from the Book of Individuality and then, in complete fail mode with respect of the Pareto principle, continues to persevere in his Sisyphean task until he morphs, Kafkaesque, into...a woman.

Which is just his cocoon phase for a full blown transgender, trans-temporal, astral projection into ....yup, the tenant (absolutely brilliant, this), but not the tenant that he currently is, no, the tenant that he ‘was’ , or perhaps into the reincarnation of the latter (Carlos Castaneda, we need you here), or even, in a loop-de-loop, the tenant that he always will be in this perpetual Groundhog Day extravaganza.Read, read, read!

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